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Women's Empowerment Week

November 14th - 17th, SGA hosted Women's Empowerment Week to further celebrate 125 years of women on campus. Throughout the week, a cake-cutting event, a panel, a student organization fair, and a speaker series were held to highlight prominent students, faculty, staff, and alumni at WVU. 
A women's panel featuring Carrie Showalter, an attorney at Student Legal Services; Lauren Roush, Miss West Virginia USA 2016; Julie Merow, the 2016-2017 Student Body President; Lisa DiBartolomeo, a Humanities Professor; Mindy Walls, the Assistant VP of Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Keli Cunningham, the Deputy Athletics Director; all spoke at the event and shared their opinions about current issues women face. womens panel

The week's celebrations concluded with a speaker series, featuring Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant and WVU alum, Emily Calandrelli. 
emily calandrelli
Emily Calandrelli, the host and producer of 'Xploration Outer Space', a field correspondent on 'Bill Nye Saves the World', and WVU/MIT grad, spoke on the issues she faces as a woman in STEM. WVU grad, Natalie Tennant served as the Secretary of State from 2009 until 2017 and was also the first female Mountaineer! Natalie spoke about the challenges she faced as a woman fulfilling a typically male role as the Mountaineer in 1990 and also her experiences in government.  
natalie tennant

Additional questions about the Women's Empowerment Week can be directed to Brenna Leasor