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1. How do I become involved in the Student Government Association?

SGA meets every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in Hatfields B in the Mountainlair. Starting Sept. 9, we will be moving across the street to E. Moore Hall for our weekly meetings. The SGA is open to all students! This is a wonderful opportunity to have your voice heard at WVU. 

Also, SGA has a Mountaineer Leadership Program. This is a great way for students to become even more involved. Through this application based program, interested students will be paired with members of the Board of Governors and Executive Branch to get firsthand experience in SGA. The members of the Mountaineer Leadership Program will work on projects and meet with administrators alongside of their mentor. This program gives students an in-depth look into SGA and the University that the average student does not experience. 

Every spring semester, a campus wide election is held to determine the new President and Vice President, members of the Board of Governors (our legislative branch), and the two student representatives for the University’s Athletic Council. SGA also consists of several appointed positions, a list of which can be found under the “Members” tab on this website. These appointees go through an application and interview process to determine the officers.

2. What are the functions of the Board of Governors?

The members of the Board of Governors serve as the legislative branch of the Student Government Association. These elected students represent the entire student body by voicing their concerns. They enact resolutions throughout the year, which serve as the student’s goals and projects for their term, pass proclamations, and vote on SGA’s grants given out to student organizations on campus. If you have a concern that you would like to voice, please call 293-4403, access the “Student Suggestions” tab on this website, or contact the person whose committee would address your concern.

3. How can I contact members?

The Student Government Association has an office in the Student Organizations Wing of the Mountainlair. Every Board of Governor and executive officer also holds weekly office hours. These office hours are posted outside on the doors of the office. Members also have a mailbox with their name on it located in the student Board of Governors office. If you cannot personally visit us feel free to contact the members via email, listed on the members page of the website. 

4. What does SGA do for me, the student?

SGA serves as the student’s direct voice to the WVU administration. We meet regularly with representatives from Student Life and with President Gee to voice the opinions of the student body. The President of SGA also sits as a voting member on the University’s Board of Governors. SGA encourages students to inform us of your concerns so that we can better serve you.

If you have any questions or want to send us information, please email