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1. How do I become involved in the Student Government Association?

SGA will meet every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Vandalia Lounge in the Mountainlair or virtually. Our focus is keeping our members and WVU community safe, so we will alternate between hosting virtual meetings and in-person meetings. The 

SGA is open to all students. This is an ideal opportunity to have your voice heard at WVU. Be sure to stay up to date with our social media pages to see upcoming meetings and events. 

Additionally, SGA has an open Internship Program. This program allows students to become acquainted with student government by being paired with current members. Through this application based program, interested students will be paired with members of the Student Assembly and the Executive Branch to get firsthand experience in SGA. Interns will work on projects and meet with administrators alongside their mentor. This program gives students an in-depth look into SGA and the University that the average student does not experience. 

Every spring semester a campus wide election is held to determine the new President and Vice President, as well as members of the Assembly (our Legislative Branch), which includes both Senators and College Senators. Each institution has two representatives; their main function is to advocate for concerns pertinent to their home institutions. SGA also consists of several appointed positions to the Executive Branch. These appointees go through an application and interview process to determine the officers.

There are currently vacant College Senator positions in our Student Assembly, which will be filled through the Student Government Association Select Committee on Legislative Vacancies and Appointments. There will be an application and interview process. When the application opens, it will be found on our website, on our social media platforms, and SGA’s WVUEngage website.

2. What are the functions of the Student Assembly?

The Student Assembly works hard to advocate for students regarding their needs and concerns on campus. Our Student Assembly is made up of College Senators, who focus on addressing college-specific topics and initiatives, and At-Large Senators, who work on behalf of the entire student body. The Student Assembly has the power to write, discuss, and pass pieces of legislation, including bills, proclamations, and resolutions, on any topic of their choice. 

3. How can I contact members?

Each of our members ran with different goals, ideas, and platforms. If you see your ideas or concerns line up with one, or multiple, of our members, feel free to email them to share your thoughts. Member’s email addresses can be found in their biographies. President Riggs and Vice President Bragg also host weekly office hours. This is a space for you to voice your thoughts and share your ideas with the President and Vice President directly!

Office hours are held Wednesdays from 1-2 p.m. via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 925 4641 4169 - please contact us through email or our social channels for the password.

4. What does SGA do for me, the student?

SGA serves as the student’s direct voice to the WVU administration. We meet regularly with representatives from Student Life and with President Gee’s office to voice the opinions of the student body. The President of SGA also sits as a voting member on the University’s Board of Governors. 

Student input is necessary for us to function as a working Student Government. We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and suggestions. To share with us, please visit our Student Assistance Form and a SGA representative will be in contact with you.

5. How does my organization receive SGA funding?

Student organizations that wish to receive funding from SGA may do so by completing the grant application on the WVUEngage websiteGrants are only available to student organizations that are registered with the Office of Student Leadership and must comply with university and SGA policies. For more information regarding the grant process and contact, please visit the Bureau of Finance tab.

Stay in touch with us!

Every SGA meeting is open to the public. There are two open student forums during each SGA meeting, so please come and share your thoughts with the Student Government. Be sure to follow us on social social media pages, Instagram @sgawvu, Twitter @wvusga, and LinkedIn @WVU Student Government Association,  for up-to-date on our meetings, events, and other university news.