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Established in 1920, the Student Government Association of West Virginia University is responsible for representing the needs and concerns of all Mountaineers. Student Government has been responsible for many major projects and initiatives at West Virginia University, including the construction of the Student Recreation Center on the Evansdale campus. 

Student Government is housed in the Division of Student Life via Student Engagement and Leadership. Membership in SGA is open to any student who has a 2.5 GPA and meets all eligibility requirements as outlined in SGA governing documents. 

In 2016, the Student Government Association underwent a structural change to accomodate and allow for more representation from the academic colleges at West Virginia University. The previously called Board of Governors became the Student Assembly, which houses the campus at-large Senators (17) and the College Representatives (18). 

Currently, Blake Humphrey and Shannon Smith are serving as the President and Vice President of SGA, respectively. Tyler Brewster is the President Pro Tempore of the Student Assembly.