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SGA meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the public and include two public comment sessions.

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Open Position: Undergraduate Member of the Judicial Court. 

Responsibilities: The Judicial Court shall: 

a.    Interpret the SGA Constitution, Elections code, any by-laws established, and 
any legislation established by the Student Assembly at monthly meetings; 

b.    Certify the validity of the annual SGA general election, and special elections, before the inauguration ceremony, or postpone said inauguration until it can declare the respective election valid. In addition, the Judicial Court shall have the authority to void questionable elections upon presentation of just cause, and to provide for special elections to fulfill the provisions of this Constitution 
and subsequent by-laws; 

c.     Have the power to create bylaws of the Judicial Court; 

d.    Conduct hearings of alleged election violations and impose appropriate 
sanctions upon violators, under the guidelines of the Elections Code of the 
West Virginia University Student Government Association; 

e.    Hold members of the Student Government Association accountable based on 
the Constitution; 

f.      Perform all other judicial functions as shall become necessary and proper for 
the just operation of the Student Government Association;

g.    Require a re-election to occur, if necessary.

Executive Application 2016-2017
Intern Application (Spring 2017)


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