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With the passage of assembly resolutions, our organization is recommending our university to take these additional steps to resolve issues on campus. 

AR-2020-02: An assembly resolution to establish a student wellness advisory board

AR-2020-09: An assembly resolution to rename the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center to the Patrice A. Harris Health Sciences Center

AR-2020-10: An assembly resolution emphasizing the need for more diverse staff at the Carruth Center to improve black mental health

AR-2020-11: An assembly resolution to implement a mentoring program similar to the Passkey Program

AR-2020-12: A resolution condemning the adoption and enforcement of the new federal Title IX policies 

AR-2020-13: An assembly resolution to include a mental health statement in syllabi

AR-2020-14: Assembly resolution urging West Virginia University to implement additional breaks in the 2021 Spring Semester for student's mental health and general welfare