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2017-2018 Executive Structure


In order to help every student understand what this student government is going to look like, President Blake Humphrey and Vice President Shannon Smith are outlining their reforms and proposals for the executive staff. You can found out more below: 


  • Match applicants to areas that meet with their interests.

  • Hire based upon skills, ideas, experiences and talents of applicants.

  • Bring on non-SGA members to inject creativity and fresh ideas into our workflow.

  • Put people in positions that allow for them to use their skills and talents efficiently and effectively.

  • Create a dynamic, diverse and open collaborative environment.


  • Elevating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to a cabinet-level position, because this is too important to be left out of decision making.

  • Streamlining executive positions into Constituent Affairs and Operations and Administrations. This will establish a new division to address constituent/student concerns and create tangible, real goals for issue-specific project managers.

  • Being open, honest and transparent about job roles, responsibilities and executive accountability.

  • Creation of 4 preliminary, permanent Council of Advisors to the President to ensure all voices have a seat at the table.

  • Streamlining the SALA, Federal Affairs and City Council Liaison positions into Legislative Affairs to maximize productivity.


  • 83 applicants have applied so far for executive staff positions.

  • 60% of them are non-SGA members prior to signing up to interview.

  • We are currently conducting interviews.

  • We will be notifying people prior to finals with our recommendation for their role in shaping our SGA.

  • We will cut bureaucracy, increase efficiency, boost collaboration, and open the doors for everyone to share their stories and have their ideas heard.